Master in Logistics & Supply Chain Management



RTU Riga Technical University

Rīgas Tehniskā Universitāte

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LSCM @ RTU: Where Text

Consortium RTU Where Text

RTU University
  • RTU Faculty of Computer Sciences and Information Technologies is located within a 15 min walking distance from the Student campus in Kipsala
  • Riga historical center is just few bus stops from the faculty.
  • Students’ monthly tickets for public transport are available on a reduced price.

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LSCM @ RTU: What Text

Consortium RTU What Text

  • We host the 2nd semester and 2nd year specialization on Logistics Information Systems and Technologies
  • LIS specialization provides students with ability to design integrated IT solutions for LSCM problems and to operate as high level consultants or managers in planning and implementation of supply chains

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LSCM @ RTU: Who Text

Consortium RTU Who Text

  • Highly skilled professionals with wide range expertise in the fields of modeling and design of logistics information systems, integrated information technologies in supply chain and e-commerce, logistics business games, supply chain planning and management and practical experience in logistics information technologies and systems.

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LSCM @ RTU: Why Text

Consortium RTU Why Text

  • We provide you with the newest information technology solutions that change nature of supply chain and society.
  • We are making the synergy from uniting you with students from local Master programmes and entrepreneurs from Northern Europe
  • We operate in the Strategic logistics hub between Europe and Asia.

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LSCM @ RTU: How Text

Consortium RTU How Text

  • We make you actively involved into the study process with lectures, seminars, workshops, student presentations and laboratories.
  • Exciting business games for strategic decision making, real commercial cases and attractive tasks solved within logistics digital platforms.
  • We provide company visits to the globally integrated logistics service providers