Master in Logistics & Supply Chain Management



UASW Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau

Technische Hochschule Wildau

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LSCM @ UASW: Where Text

Consortium UASW Where Text

  • our modern campus is located in the outskirts of Berlin
  • we have direct S-Bahn train connection to Berlin (semester ticket allows for free use of almost any public transportation in the whole area of Berlin/Brandenburg)
  • you can find lakes and rivers in the vincinity

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LSCM @ UASW: What Text

Consortium UASW What Text

  • we host the 2nd year specialization on Logistics Systems Engineering and Implementation
  • our focus is on analysis, design, evaluation and implementation of materials handling, transport, and logistics management & control systems
  • we want you to apply teamwork, communication processes, leadership, project management

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LSCM @ UASW: Who Text

Consortium UASW Who Text

  • we are a team of enthusiastic logistics experts (full professors, academic and technical staff members) with a wide range of expertise in industry and academia
  • we offer strong links to logistics practice (local companies, globally operating enterprises)
  • we frequently invite international experts for guest lecturing

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LSCM @ UASW: Why Text

Consortium UASW Why Text

  • we offer excellent study conditions
  • we integrate you with students from local Master programmes
  • we provide you with methodology and practical experience in the whole developmental process of logistics systems
  • many of our graduates easily enter into professional life

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LSCM @ UASW: How Text

Consortium UASW How Text

  • interactive classes (lectures, seminars, workshops, student presentations)

    we want you to be actively involved

  • modern und highly attractive labs (computer labs, “steel & iron” lab, 3D-printing lab)

    we want you to make your experiences

  • company visits and study trips (in the region and also beyond)

    we want you to see practice