Master in Logistics & Supply Chain Management


Master thesis


Sarikhani, Omid (work in progress)

Master thesis topic The impact of Industry 4.0 on factory planning and performance

Pessoa de Amorim, Rita Pereira (work in progress)

Master thesis topic The impact of Internet of Things on warehouse management

Internship Nestlé Portugal

Hidalgo González, Felipe (work in progress)

Master thesis topic Crowdsourcing Logistics – An analysis of the possible disruption of the last mile delivery using the example of the on-demand platform Furgo Logistics SLU

Internship Furgo Logistics SLU (Barcelona, Spain)

Tas, Merve Nur (work in progress)

Master thesis topic Approaches to Truckload Transportation of Advanced Truckload Firms (ATFLs): Optimization of the Multi-Terminal Network Strategy

Ligte, Jeanne Svensky (work in progress)

Master thesis topic Accessibility patterns as a success factor of intermodal terminals: a comparison of German terminals to terminals in European countries


Brockmann, Pascal

Master thesis topic Allocation Model and Implementation Concept for a Decentralised and Emission-free Public Bus Transport System in Inner Cities using the Example of Berlin, Germany

Internship Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH (BVG, Germany)

Gharani, Mohammad

Master thesis topic Analysis of environmental and economic impacts of different means of transportation in the last mile delivery of parcel services

Ferreira Carvalho, Afonso

Master thesis topic Conceptual Framework for Selecting and Implementing Order Picking Technology

Internship TH Wildau (Germany)

Teller Mendez, Hubert

Master thesis topic Bicycle sharing system to enhance mobility and foster tourism in Santa Marta, Colombia

Salvatierra Jima, Maria Gracia

Master thesis topic Concept to invoke new criteria in the center of gravity problem for a logistical network provided by DHL

Internship DHL (Bonn, Germany)


De Armas, Kristina

Master thesis topic Methods for solving common challenges in disaster relief supply chains: A case study on the Typhoon Maysak Response Program

Internship International Organization for Migration (Chuuk, Micronesia)

Malardyrova, Sandara

Master thesis topic Simulation game concept: Logistics preparation to a natural disaster response

Internship NGO "Handicap International" (Dakar, Senegal)

Lutz, Melanie

Master thesis topic Optimisation approach for the individual assembly and distribution planning for the mycs GmbH

Internship mycs GmbH Berlin (Germany)

John, Oliver

Master thesis topic Centralisation vs. Decentralisation - an Optimization of the Raw Material Weighing Process at Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg GmbH based upon Lean Management Concepts

Internship Beiersdorf Manufacturing Hamburg GmbH (Germany)

De Regil Trava, Roberto

Master thesis topic Development of a Methodology for the Measurement, Control and Reduction of Logistics Processes variability: The case of an Oil Company

Internship CEINTEC Logistics (Merida, Yucatan, Mexico)


Mendez, Mariuxi

Master thesis topic Griffin lite implementation in Baltek Inc.

Internship 3A Composites (North Carolina, USA)

Zhan, Ya Jaz

Master thesis topic Workforce Planning for Airport Ground Handling Staff: Analysis and Methods

Internship ASLOGIC (Spain)

Schefers, Nina

Master thesis topic The approach of a transportation and logistics company to the pharmaceutical transportation market

Internship Kühne+Nagel (Barcelona, Spain)

Moellmann, Adrian

Master thesis topic Analysis and optimization of a brake pad production by using discrete material flow simulation

Internship Bosch GmbH (Karlsruhe, Germany)

Urquia, Florian

Master thesis topic Analysis and optimization of an automotive retailer’s supply chain in Greece

Internship KARENTA (Athens, Greece)