Master in Logistics & Supply Chain Management


M1.9 - Supply Chain Network & Flow Management

M1.9 - Supply Chain Network & Flow Management

Global markets and supply chains

  • Customer and product requirements
  • Types of supply chains (push vs. pull, efficient vs. responsive)
  • Roles in the supply chain (suppliers, OEMs, LSPs)
  • Dynamic effects (Bullwhip)
  • Safety and security issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Product lifecycle management

Supply chain planning and configuration

  • Strategic/tactical/operational perspective
  • Flows (material/information/financial)
  • Customer order decoupling point / information decoupling point
  • Functional areas
  • Strategies: time-Based, asset-productivity, technology-based, relationship-based
  • Logistics networks / supply chain collaboration

Supply chain modeling and performance measurement

  • Methods and tools
  • Reference models (incl. SCOR)
  • Measurement and metrics; supply chain benchmarking

Concepts and best practices

  • Lean vs agile supply chains
  • Mass customization
  • Replenishment concepts (JIT/ECR/CPFR)
  • Make-or-buy decisions / outsourcing
  • Last mile concepts